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Affiliates are U.S. based citizens who can reach around the globe to reach any school, ages 13 and up, and make money. Where will you market? You can use your social media type of choice, like a YouTube account or Twitter, to embed your personal generated code.

At the end of the month, we pay you. Wired money to your bank account. Tax forms are completed at the beginning of signing up and at the end of the year, as we send your year-end total and a tax form for you to send to the IRS. Your charts will show the progress you are making as people sign up and the site reports your monetary gains.

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Start using Explain Learning, and if you have success with it - to show others how it works, and your personal way that you used it, and your tips and tricks for that class - go social. Highlight how you learned to overcome a specific need, like how you studied for a certain class using the site a particular way, and show it to the world so other people can click your personal link, join the site, and do your specific method of learning and studying for success in that particular class. When other people say, “Hey, I can do that!” and it looks good for them to join: that's how you earn.

Just sign up on our marketing page, input some information for taxes, since this method can possibly earn you tens of thousands of dollars, check your progress on our monthly report software, and get wired affiliate profits to your bank account when you reach a certain amount every month. At the end of the year you get a tax form mailed to you for the total money you earned that year. Just from making an instructional video of how to use the site, and the trickiest way that you used the site to gain friends and good grades at school, and social media marketing it.

The site works very handy for students practicing speaking language out loud in a group, and language users can hawk the site to other countries around the world. Use it like on YouTube or Twitter, and gain a following to get paid. Must be a U.S. resident for tax purposes.

Explain Learning is usually four people in a study group. If you encourage the watcher of your video to send the link of your video to his three other friends, so that they all form a group, your personal code at the end of that video from just one group like that, that joins, earns you $14.24!

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Since the web app is used outside of class with private student equipment, no school has to pay a dime to gain the benefits, upgrade any software or hardware, or train any teacher. Your story goes online and you target social media, anywhere in the world, to tell about the site to students in high schools and colleges- and you get paid.